For elementary grades students.

Russian Culture Immerse Program

 Math, Russian, Dance, Theather, Music, Acrobatics, Sports, Chess, Arts, Fun Science and a lot more every day after school.


All Bright Math
For ages 3 through high schools

Poor performance by American students on tests of mathematics and science has reached the level of a national crisis. Why is this? Study after study has reported on one or another facet of the low standing of Americans in international competition. For example, in a recent cross-national study of mathematics achievement, American students in the eighth and twelfth grades were below the international average in problem solving, geometry, algebra, calculus, and other areas of mathematics.
We believe that traditional European methods of teaching math can help to fix this problem. Outstanding academic achievements of AllBright Math students have proven this to be a fact. Special focus on analytical and critical thinking skills. Proven methods assure substantial increase in SAT scores. Tri-State Math Olympiad participation/preparation. Private and group instruction. PSAT/SAT, Bergen Academies Prep.

For ages 7 through high schools

This course offers intensive instruction in reading and writing within a small class setting. Tailored to suit the individual student and foster an open dialogue for self-reflection and skill building. The enrichment nature of the program will help prepare students to meet the challenges of the school curriculum and the latest SAT requirements. Students will build critical reading and writing skills through a creative project-oriented approach. Students will cultivate a “writer’s voice” through personal narratives, journalistic-style writing, poetry and poetic interpretation, playwriting, reading excerpts from Shakespeare, as well as short story reading and analysis. Students will also write and produce the online AllBright Magazine and participate in various essay competitions. Grammar and vocabulary instruction will be included. PSAT/SAT, Bergen Academies Prep.

For ages 5 to 100

Fine Arts Program enhances perceptual and aesthetic awareness through the creation of fine art. Instruction in drawing and painting incorporates a variety of techniques, media and subject matter. On-location work is an essential element of this program. Program will use the rich resources of New York City to help students experience key monuments of art history. Primarily through regular guided visits to museums, students will gain an appreciation of a wide range of media and disciplines exploring both the chronological and geographic dimensions of art history. Critical vocabulary and fundamental ideas will be introduced. Students will explore the many functions of art and the stylistic differences and similarities across historical periods. Portfolio preparation. 

Dance Studio "Debut"- Golden Award of National Competition "Beyond the Stars"

ArtDirector Gila Stavnitzer 

From Beginners to Advanced

Rhythmical exercise and movement
Hip Hop
Modern Dance,Ballet, Preparation for performances and shows
Competitive Style

Science Explorations
for ages 6 through 6 grade.

Creative science enrichment activities and hands-on project experience in Chemistry and Physics. 


Russian and Russian Literature
for ages 3 through high school

Research shows that children who speak multiple languages learn to read at a younger age and do better academically as they grow up. According to a study done at Dartmouth, the first five to six years of life are the most beneficial time to learn another language. Experts say children can learn up to five languages at a time. Why Russian? The tie of language to culture leads us to one reason for learning Russian; the fascination of Russian enigmatic culture on Americans. For a huge number of American high-school students an exposure to Russian literature (Dostoevsky, in particular) spurs a desire to learn the language in which the works were written. All Bright Center teachers use unique methods of teaching Russian as a second language. Students will also read, comprehend and analyze great works of Russian Literature.


First Steps
Program for 1.5 – 5 year-olds.

This program is developed on the basis of the best European techniques for early childhood development of speech, logic, creative abilities, and gross and fine motor skills. Taught by award-winning teachers and faculty of elite schools of St. Petersburg, Riga, Moscow and American Private Schools.


 Also: Dance Acrobatics, SAMBO, Jewish Heritage (Culture, Traditions, Hebrew), Theater "Premiere", Domestic Arts,  Geography, Lego Robotics, Computer Animation and more!


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